Let's Work Together

While every organization is unique, we like to follow a basic onboarding process that helps us get to know you, your business, and your strategic objectives. This will help drive outcomes aligned with ensuring our success.

Getting To Know Each Other

We'll set up a time to meet with you and your team. We'll use this as an opportunity to better understand your business, your objectives, any challenges being faced, and the strategic goals we need to drive towards to help ensure success on your end.

We'll also review our strategy for how we like to work, where we often find the most impact, and how we operate to ensure you have complete transparency throughout our process.


Gathering Requirements

Our goal is your success. In order to ensure that we're aligning our plan to your objectives, we'll need to get into the weeds on the projects or initiatives that you'll need us to help with. This will be a perfect time to talk about how things have worked in the past, what has worked well and what hasn't worked out so well.

We want to make sure that the strategy we bring to the table derives the most value and impact for your business.


Presenting Our Plan

We'll establish a project baseline, after we've gathered enough information on the goal and intended outcomes. From there, we'll prepare a presentation that outlines the plan, strategy, estimated timeline, resource requirements, and communication deliverables to ensure success.


And, We're Off!

We'll schedule a project kickoff, after we've received approval from you. We'll invite the project stakeholders and use this time to review our plan, timeline, expected deliverables, and how we'll be looking to monitor the project to ensure it stays on track.

Communication can sometimes be scary so we'll make sure to set the stage with everyone that it's OK to bring up a concern or issue. We want to make sure you stay up-to-date on everything so we'll also review our communication plan and risk response strategy.


Plan, Do, Review, Repeat

We'll be leading every step of the way. Whether we opt to use Agile Methodology, Kanban or Waterfall we'll be involved and running all of the ceremonies and meetings. In each step of the workflow we'll be measuring performance, assessing risks, and performing quality control.

As key steps conclude we'll review progress with project stakeholders and assess if any tweaks need to be made to keep everyone productive and efficient.


Closing Things Out

Mission Accomplished! As the project comes to completion, we'll begin to close everything out--from storing artifacts for easy reference, to reviewing the overall project experience with the teams involved, and finally in preparing your teams to take the regins after we've stepped out.

Our goal is to create repeatable, scalable processes. So anything we've established throughout our time working together we'll make sure you and your teams are able to implement in the future.