Christopher Lundy

Principal Program Manager

Hi there, I'm Chris, the founder of SoFire. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah -- I am recently married with a beautiful wife and two puppy-children. Growing up I always had a desire to understand how everything worked, as I feverishly read books that explained the intricate details of how things were created and why they were built that way, I'd find myself drawing and designing plans for my own lego structures and vehicles.

Since the onset of my career in Venture Capital I've had the desire and goal to one day run my own business. SoFire is just the beginning of this venture as it allows me to take everything I've learned over my career and help those looking to increase their efficiency and further their desire to run a scalable, sustainable business practice.

Professionally, I am a Principal Program Manager and team lead. With over 14 years direct experience, I’ve coordinated and managed hundreds of end-to-end projects—with budgets ranging from $0.99 to multi-million dollar implementations.

Over my career I've worn many hats—leader, driver, motivator, writer, researcher, planner, strategist, accountant, analyst, and friend. I have a unique ability to jump in, drink from the fire hose, cope with ambiguity, and navigate complex challenges to make the best out of a situation.

Some of the qualities that best embody my outlook and professional attitude are:

  • Measure twice, cut once
  • Ideas are one thing; execution is what matters
  • Make it work, make it right, make it fast
  • Problems are solved by collaboration, not through compromise
  • Everybody’s opinion is valuable
  • Run toward fires
  • Be calm
  • Have fun
  • Don’t forget to laugh


Top Skills

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Work Experience


Technical Program Manager


Sr. Technical Program Manager (R&D Operations)

  • Manage operations and operational efficiency for Product and Engineering orgs, spanning 25 engineering teams.
  • Develop and provide reporting / dashboards to track hiring efforts, Product P&Ls, software spend, and team health metrics.
  • Manage and drive software renewal efforts across the org. This includes working with vendors to align contracted quantity with actual usage as well as cancelling unnecessary spend while identifying more cost-effective alternatives.
  • Lead and manage a program to reduce AWS software spend by $4MM. This includes implementing global policy changes in Engineering for how data within AWS is structured, used, stored and replicated.
  • Coach and mentor Product Managers and Engineering Team Leads to self-manage within an Agile SDLC effectively.
  • Train and onboard new Engineers in offshore locations to be effective within their new products/services and to create high-performing teams.
  • Implement regular team health checks to assess and identify healthy or unhealthy team dynamics that could ultimately impact delivery on a month-to-month basis.
  • Drive budgeting exercises across the company to plan for FY 2020 and Fy 2021. This includes tracking and accounting for current spend, forecasted spend and overages that might be incurred.



Sr. Technical Program Manager

  • Manage all projects across the Student Success line of business, consisting of two internal engineering teams, two external engineering teams, and all respective business units within (i.e. Product, Support, Sales, Strategy, and Marketing teams).
  • Drive and plan go-to-market activities to expand out of the NORAM market and into the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM markets. The goal being to increase revenue for the line of business form $4MM to $10MM.
  • Drive and plan enablement sessions for Sales, Marketing, and CS within the all global markets for the Student Success line of business.
  • Lead and manage a integration efforts for a newly acquired company to ensure all systems, services, and contracts are transferred and integrated successfully. This includes leading organizational restructuring, roadmap integrations, and aligning former business objectives to current strategic OKRs.
  • Created and cross-trained team members on tooling used to capture team data from Jira and forecast roadmap scenarios. These forecasts include visual graphs and dashboards for stakeholders as well as metrics to track and monitor team progress and efficiency.
  • Work closely with internal and external customers to coordinate PVT and help define business case objectives to justify and initiate new projects into the program pipelines.
  • Provide training and support to the PMO, PjMs, and ScrumMasters throughout the org.
  • Grow and develop engineering teams to align on best practices, team charters, and processes for working as high-performing units to emphasize accountability and ownership over the team roadmaps.



Technical Program Manager

  • Manage all projects across three programs, consisting of four iOS and Android development teams and a front-end Web UI team. Languages involved included Kotlin, Java, Swift, React Native, Objective-C, Angular, and React.js.
  • Coordinate and drive product roadmap development, utilizing team data and metrics to plan and maintain a rolling three quarter roadmap across each program and team within.
  • Work with internal and external customers to collect requirements, define scope, establish milestones, and ultimately develop a schedule and timeline that aligns with the customer's strategic objectives.
  • Act as a Jira Administrator, responsible for creating workflows, supporting internal users, and merging Jira accounts while migrating all project data from previous environments into the primary environment.
  • Actively engage with stakeholders at all levels to provide consistent, clear communication, detailed analysis, and recommendations around project status, team health, and forecasted projections.
  • Lead and drive strategic decisions around product direction and potential market gaps through cost-benefit analysis.
  • Led an organization-wide, cross-team development effort to enable our primary application to support right-to-left languages. This was previously projected to complete in over 12 months but through effective Program Management I was able to complete this task within a single quarter.
  • Created and trained a new mobile engineering team located in Budapest. This team now operates independently of the primary org with their own product roadmap, org structure, and strategic objectives. They are one of the highest-performing teams in the company.


Alliance Health Networks

Sr. Technical Project Manager

  • Lead the implementation of Jira and Jira Agile. Including system configuration and working with business teams to map processes and identify workflows that will need to be built within the system. Scale throughout the rest of the organization.
  • Create product roadmaps, requirements documents, forecasting and release scenarios, and acceptance test cases.
  • Implement a git-flow release style workflow to support both a run mode on a new platform as well as the abilitiy to queue feature development for major point releases.
  • Work within AWS’ Route53, CloudFront, and S3 to configure domains, distribution groups, and site assets for new and existing pharmacy websites.
  • Coordinate and lead the technical migration across multiple Email Service Providers and into Marketo.
  • Train new Project Managers on software best practices as well as the organizations technology landscape. Facilitate engineering team handoffs to new Project Managers.
  • Meet with business and technical stakeholders on a continual basis to perform process mapping exercises, identifying areas for improvement and determining implementation and change strategies.


Alliance Health Networks

Technical Project Manager

  • Manage all projects for the Software Engineering team—consisting of twenty-five engineers—in the architecture and implementation of scalable, modular applications as well as supporting the current technical ecosystem and incoming business needs. Languages and frameworks involved in these projects include AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), Ruby/Rails, Java, Go, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, PHP, SQL, and more.
  • Utilize SCRUM and Kanban across multiple team sprint boards boards consisting of incoming business and client requests, product backlogs, sprint boards, and release cycles. Each project on a board has a detailed description, acceptance criteria, a list of tasks for the development team, assets and documentation, and a planned effort value for completion.
  • Act as technical layer between client services, business stakeholders and the technical development teams. This includes being able to manage and facilitate communication between internal and external project teams, act as a technical matter expert when needed, and interface directly with client technical teams to ensure smooth integration.
  • Ensure that all standard processes and quality-control specifications are followed to ensure that the final product/service is delivered on-time, bug-free, and meets or exceeds client delivery requirements.
  • Project experience using Jira, Trello, Basecamp, Office 365, and SharePoint to manage incoming business requests, define and structure feature development, create user stories, and keep track of all project-related communication and assets.
  • Technical experience using AEM, ExactTarget, OpenX, Adobe DTM, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Github, and more to troubleshoot, create content within, learn, and be able to teach--in an easy-to-understand manner--other team members.


Infuse Medical

Technical Project Manager

  • Worked closely with a team of eight developers utilizing Swift, HTML5, and Javascript to develop iOS and Android applications ranging in functionality and scale from small presentation apps to mulit-integrated CRM and sales tools. In addition to the front-end UI applications, an integrated back-end server or database was usually included within development scope.
  • Facilitated and provided design, UI/UX, and implementation feedback to development and creative teams to deliver a smooth, easy-to-navigate application that encapsulates the scope of work yet delivers that extra “wow” factor.
  • Utilized waterfall and agile methodology to manage the entire process of mobile app, software, and website development including bidding, allocating and assigning resources, creating contracts and SOWs, developing schedules, managing WIPs, and post-project account maintenance.
  • Utilized project management software (AtTask) to create projects, plan resources, develop budgets and bid reports, respond to issues, project schedules, and monitor team workloads.
  • Utilized project management tool (Basecamp) to create forums for projects and a standardized way of communication and collaboration between internal and client team members. I also use this tool for project-specific document upload and storage and team scheduling.
  • Created and developed project management tools that included a resourcing calculator which projects bid ranges based off calculated resource hours, standardized AtTask workflow templates to meet any project needs, and a detailed timeline generator for projecting resources and providing cost and time estimates on the spot.
  • Worked within tight deadlines to outline project needs and requirements, coordinate schedules and task checklists, develop and maintain a project budget, facilitate QA and testing, and ultimately ensure the that product is delivered on-time, on-budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.


Helix Education

Sr. Project Manager

  • Managed the entire process for hundreds of client-projects including direct mail marketing, email marketing, microsite and landing page development, technical system and server setups, and client system integrations.
  • Responsible for managing and coordinating between the sales, client-services, creative, data-processing, IT, and production teams to communicate project requirements, allocate resources, and ensure that timelines are met and that the final product meets the delivery expectations.
  • Responsible for training and mentoring PM I’s, Account Managers, and if necessary, new employees.
  • Developed widely-used project management tools that included a detailed timeline generator for providing estimates on the spot, a project outlook tracker to monitor and keep track of all projects on one screen, and a training document that outlined the lead lifecycle and integration touch points.
  • Led the initial testing and implementation of a new high-speed printing press, including the development of standard project timelines, the creation of new project-workflows, and finally in cross-training all project managers on managing the new technology.


Helix Education

Project Manager II

  • Utilized industry project management software (Aprimo) to create projects, assign teams and resources, develop schedules, and monitor workloads.
  • Communicated with clients as-needed to provide project updates, technical support, timeline information, and asset requests.
  • Consistently exceeded client expectations by working with team members to reduce production times, research cost-saving alternatives, and apply best practices at every step of the process.
  • Responsible for providing detailed timelines and projected schedules to meet tight production schedules and identify critical paths along the project life-cycle.
  • Provided support to other Project Managers on their accounts as-needed to ensure that client delivery dates were maintained and schedules kept.


Helix Education

Project Manager I

  • Collaborated with field directors to create and develop hundreds of detailed proposals and RFP responses. I was responsible for maintaining the voice of the proposal as well as ensuring that the messaging was clear, concise, accurate, free of spelling/legal errors, visually appealing, and customized to fit their exact needs.
  • Coordinated and led sales teams throughout every step of the sales cycle as we worked closely with each client to identify pain-points, determine potential markets, define solutions, and ultimately develop a robust proposal to improve lead flow and enrollment growth.
  • Scheduled meetings, prepared meeting agendas, and created PowerPoint presentations used to present the sales pipeline, outline team requirements, and project incoming revenue.
  • Managed and coordinated the handoff of each new client from the new business team to the client services team.


Project Director

  • Managed all aspects of company/sponsor events, including establishing budgets, hiring caterers, managing venues, and creating a schedule for the day of the event(s).
  • Created and developed press releases, email blasts, blog postings, Facebook updates, and Tweets to create awareness of upcoming events, promote startups, and recruit new sponsors.
  • Coordinated and managed a complete CRM overhaul and transition of over 40,000 accounts from CVENT to
  • Hired and supervised seven web-developers in the creation and production of a new corporate website.


Gran Prix Imports

Service Managers

  • Provided excellent customer service by engaging customers, providing helpful information, and ensuring their satisfaction was top priority.
  • Coordinated and scheduled customer appointments between sales, service, and parts departments.
  • Transported customers to and from the dealership and their destination.
  • Ensured that all vehicles on the showroom and lot were clean, fueled up, and ready to drive.
  • Picked up customer vehicles and took them to service appointments, if needed.


Catholic Charities

Marketing Assistant

  • Worked with marketing team to perform SWOT analyses and market research for potential new locations and client demographics.
  • Developed and presented business plans for increasing awareness through fundraising, creative marketing, and community-outreach efforts.
  • Created and implemented several new fundraisers and marketing drives that ultimately led to the opportunity to purchase a new location.