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Whether you're looking for general consulting to better operationalize your team, or needing help managing a specific project or program, we have over 14 years direct Program Management experience and a history of proven success. We've worked on projects and programs of all sizes while wearing countless hats.

Our success comes from helping our customers unlock the potential of creating efficient, scalable business practices.

What We Offer

Business Consulting

As a leader, you face immense pressure and complexity in today’s business world. Software and technology are moving at light-speed while business insight is becoming more crucial than ever. We're here to help you take the reigns and create the structure necessary to drive outcomes aligned with your business objectives.

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Project Management

We've successfully managed projects of all sizes, in a number of different industries. We're ready to jump in and take charge, whether that means rescuing a project that is off-course, or developing methodologies to establish future project success. We'll work with you to deliver industry best practices fit for your business.

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Program Management

Businesses today are being challenged to do more with less and divisions between functional areas are becoming harder to cross. We focus on bridging that functional gap and creating cross-functional coordination and transparency centered around scalable and repeatable Project Management strategies.

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The landscape for how businesses used to operate has changed significantly. Teams and individuals are becoming more distributed and the need to keep everyone aligned and on-track is higher than ever. At SoFire, we'll help keep you focused on strategy while we bring the structure and organization you need to be successful.

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Our Approach

We understand that no two businesses are alike. Underlying culture, processes, tools, and team structures vary widely. However, there is one common denominator that every business shares, a goal for sustainable success. At SoFire our focus is not only on outcomes but also on developing and maintaing a sustainable future for your business. The first step in our approach will be to understand what success looks like for you and your organization. We'll look at what's worked, what hasn't worked, and what needs to be changed to make things better. This means taking a holistic approach, to look at the larger picture, and understanding the unique inputs and outputs that make your organization AWESOME!

As we work together we'll provide solutions geared towards driving the end result you're looking for. Our goal is not to just provide you with an out-of-the-box solution, but rather to leverage our deep experience in the field of Project Management by delivering a custom toolbox of skills and repeatable processes tailor-fit to your organization.